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Super-3D Fabrication Technology Platform

  • Development of Super-3D Fabrication Technology Platform (3D nano-fabrication,high precision and high aspect fabrication,3D molding techniques)
  • Creation of 3D micro devices using functional materials (ceramics, polymer, gel)
    (micro sensors, frexible sensors,micro-nano-machines, lab on a chip devices, artificial organs etc.)
  • Open inovation by collaboration with industries and university
    Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC), Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (IDEC)
  • Establishment of public laboratory for prototyping → Creation of high-value added products (healthcare, MEMS, nanotech.)

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help desk for super-3D fabrication
Yokohama National University
Graduate School of Engineering, YNU
Cooperative Research and Development Center

Maruo Lab. (3D fabrication)
Maekawa Lab. (3D CAD)
Maeda Lab. (robotics)
Fukuda Lab. (Bio Microsystem, Regenerative medicine)